BBFF: BeatBuddy Friends Forever

The missing editor for your BeatBuddy pedal

Move beyond the default content that came with your BeatBudy. Create your own beats, songs, and drum sets; and share them with the community.

Song Editor
NOTE The editor runs in your browser, but does not work in Safari or Firefox. Please use a browser like Chrome, Edge, or Arc.


BBFF Editor: Annual Plan

(a 7-day trial is included)

Video Introduction

The Drumset Editor

Questions and Answers

Will it run on MacOS, Windows, Linux?

It runs in the browser, so if you can run a modern browser like Chrome, or Edge, it will work.

Will it run on Mobile (iOS, iPadOS, Android etc)?

No, for now it only runs on desktop browsers.

Can I use this alongside the BeatBuddy Manager?

Yes. BBFF Editor works independently of the BeatBuddy Manager but does nothing to prevent you from using BBM as well—though I doubt you’ll want to again ;-).

Why does this cost money? Isn’t BeatBuddy Manager free?

If you’re looking for free, then please continue use BeatBuddy Manager.

BBFF Editor is a premium product that does far more than BeatBuddy Manager. Start a trial and see for yourself.

Can I adjust MIDI velocity?


Can I copy and paste notes/beats/tracks/parts?


Can I drag 'n drop notes?


Can I transpose non-percussion notes into a different key?


Can I duplicate songs?


Does it support playlists?


Does it support note-off MIDI events (for non-percussion instruments)?


Does it support undo/redo?


Does it synchronise on Mac without rewriting the entire project?


Does it import/export MIDI files?


Can I use the editor to create and edit drum kits?


Does it overwrite my pedal settings when syncing?



For any questions or support, please email