BBFF: BeatBuddy Friends Forever

The missing app for your BeatBuddy pedal

With a full understanding of your BeatBuddy library, BBFF will help you control every aspect of your BeatBuddy from your phone or tablet.

CAUTION This app works over MIDI. You will need a MIDI adapter and Bluetooth or USB connection to your mobile device.

Your BeatBuddy Project on your device

Easy movement around your device

  • All your folders
  • Device playlists
  • Search for songs
Device view
Song view

Full control of every song

  • Change drumset
  • Change tempo
  • Play/Stop/Pause/Unpause a song
  • Start with a specific section
  • Transition to different sections (long press keeps the transition going)
  • Play a fill for the currently playing section
  • Trigger an accent
  • Adjust the main and/or headphone volume

Virtual playlists

  • Virtual folders
  • Unique song name
  • Unique tempo
  • Unique drumset
Playlist view

Questions and Answers

What hardware do I need to connect my BeatBuddy to my phone/tablet?

You will need either a physical or a Bluetooth connection from your device to the pedal.

The first thing you will need is the MIDI adapter from Singular Sound. This adapter converts the pedal’s PS/2 port to standard 5-pin MIDI In/Out ports.

Next you will need either a BLE Bluetooth device or a Midi to USB cable.

A Bluetooth connection is probably the easiest. Use something like the Yamaha MD-BT01 or the CME WIDI Master

For a USB, direct connection, you can use something like the iRig MIDI 2 from IK Multimedia.

How do I sync my BeatBuddy project with BBFF?

📱 Go to Settings > “Load BeatBuddy Project” within the app

🖥 Visit with your computer

🖥 Enter the four digit code displayed within the app to link the two together

🖥 Click “Select BeatBuddy Project” and locate the folder containing your BeatBuddy project (you can just select your SD card)

🖥 You may receive a warning about uploading many files to this site. You must allow the “upload” to grant permission to read the project files. We don’t upload the project files, only meta data about the project.

🖥 You will see a summary of the project and then click “Upload to device” to complete the sync.

📱 Connect the app to your MIDI adapter and enjoy the 🥁.

Do I have to use BeatBuddy Manager?

No, you can upload your BeatBuddy project directly from your SD card. This is particularly useful if you have a second hand BeatBuddy with existing songs, or you use BeatBuddy Loader Software to update your project.

Will this app work if I’m also using the MIDI Maestro and/or the Aeros Looper?

Yes, MIDI allows multiple devices to talk to each other, so BBFF can communicate with the BeatBuddy alongside other controllers. You may need to look at setting up MIDI channels and consider in which order you wire things, but it will work. If you need help, email

Will this app work with the BeatBuddy MINI?

No, the BeatBuddy MINI doesn’t have MIDI support so it is not possible to control it with this app.

I have a question you haven’t answered

Please email and we’ll gladly help.


For any questions or support, please email