BBFF: BeatBuddy Friends Forever

The missing apps for your BeatBuddy pedal

Do more with your BeatBuddy

Whether you need to control your BeatBuddy from your phone or tablet, or you want to create your own custom beats, we have you covered.

Song view

The App

The BBFF app gives you full control of your BeatBuddy from your phone or tablet. Select songs, change tempo, start or jump to any fill, control volume, change drum set, and more.

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The Editor

The BBFF editor provides full control over your BeatBuddy library, even more than the official BeatBuddy Manager. Create new songs, edit existing ones, and even create your own drum sets. With a full-featured song editor, you can create songs from scratch, or edit existing ones.

No longer the missing editor, BBFF Editor has become BeatBuddy Manager Online—a free tool for managing your BeatBuddy Library.

Song Editor

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